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What is it?

National electricity grid is shaky. When electricity is applied to the technologies, crashes happen regularly, power surges. Household appliancescontrary to our opinion, consume and light in standby mode. Attached humidifier, TV, computer or deactivated the rest system will waste the identical amount of electricity. A device for a month in this mode can set up to 100 KV.

Exactly against such issues and E-Energy functions. The device blocks power consumption when waiting, but additionally prevents spikes. This significantly increases the efficiency of electricity, reducing your”idle” consumption.

The goods have two outcomes in the exact same time. Second – longer life of this tech. Devices last longer as they are not exposed to surges.

Economies could range from 20% to 50% based on the tech category. Fridge, other electricity packs and split system spend less on 50%. 20% – a sign of market for little items as toasters, kettles, light bulbs.


The outlet is made from environmentally friendly materials also is beneficial to the environment, but it is a bit more costly than the ones which have been used traditionally. But once adopted, Purchase the machine to conserve electricity, on the contrary, save your money because: Lowers energy prices; Security of energy supply; And what is no less significant reduces harm. Investing in energy efficiency not only saves you money, your future is secured by but it!

Instructions for use

Now in the marketplace there are a number of gadgets designed to prevent unnecessary energy losses. But you have to shell out buying devices, you have less energy! However, there is still a far more affordable way to save on account for the socket E-Energy that is mild! Manufactured to high standards, security and quality, it's certain to last many decades! To make sure it won't be difficult, but this device to save energy ensures fulfills the criterion of low energy intake and take your energy saving potential into a degree that is new. The device only works with one technology!


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