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What is it?

Erex M-16 – a tool that has been available for some time. A large number of sexual contacts accompanies filming at the 18 + category, averaging 12 hours. The capacity is adversely affected by all this.


Use the Erex M-16 spray is extremely easy. The jar is shaken after it has been sprayed over the entire length of the penis. You do not have to rub and massage.

Instructions for use

Spray Erex M-16 is not only popular. The debate on the media is their composition. L-arginine A distinctive amino acid which is not necessarily created by the body. Additionally their origin are specific foods. The shortage of arginine is associated with a drop in nutritional quality associated with diseases. The results of the nitric oxide have been taken immediately. Among the causes of the dysfunction of the thoracic organs, including the penis, are filled with blood. It is clear that the fermented oxide is bored. Guarana extract Guarana is a plant. The Indians are also employed in the transitions. The caffeine content from guarana is five times greater than in coffee beans. glycine This drug is often suggested for individuals with stress. However, it is also shown at offsets that disrupts the male power. The influence of toxic substances; decreasing the negative effects of alcoholism; to free oneself from mental interiors that tremble during intercourse; Strengthen the walls of blood vessels. magnesium A renowned antioxidant. Prevents the development of diseases of the cardiovascular system. Additionally, magnesium in combination with glycine helps in the struggle against nerve disorders. The blood wall, including the penis.


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