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Erectile dysfunction is what every member of the stronger sex is fearful of. A drop in potency is the cause of a deterioration in relationships and found a person of self-confidence. The natural complex of erofertil helps men recover function that is sexual.

The drug is based on an ancient recipe for all Tibetan monks. In the request of people to the monastery, praying for the recovery of lost male power, a distinctive herbal collection was gathered by the monks. The instrument was striking in its efficacy, or so the popularity of it spread far beyond Tibet. Now, it had been possible not just to restore the recipe, but also to enhance and supplement it, using modern knowledge about the effect of plants on the body. Thus, there was a effective and secure Erofertil prep made.


The duration of use's course is 5 months. Intervals between repeated courses are decided separately. Recommended follow-up courses are 10 weeks. Contraindications Parts of the medication do not cause unwanted effects, so the drug does not have any contraindications for use, without the exclusion of consequences to its components.

Instructions for use

Origin - has been known for its capacity to stimulate sexual stimulation and boost the brightness of sensory sensations. In addition, the plant comprises substances that enhance the quality and boost sperm motility. Mongnier Root Ginger - Stimulates blood flow within the human body and increases the circulation of blood. This contributes to the occurrence of sexual steady and stimulation erection, increases the sensitivity of erogenous zones. Centella extract - yields interest in sexual life helps enhance mood. Focus of mussels and trepang - increase the length of sexual intercourse, promote the avoidance of prostatitis, enhances sexual desire. Since early times, ginger has been used as a power drink, it dilates blood vessels, thereby increasing blood flow to the lungs, heart, and genital region. Drone brood - is the most abundant natural source of minerals , valuable lipids and amino acids. Stimulates also the synthesis of testosterone, which increases sexual appetite as well as the function of the sex glands.


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