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What is it?

Forte Love drink is a concentrate from vegetable raw materials in the form of powder, especially for women of any age, which can increase their sexual activity and attractiveness from the first reception. This instant drink can also be taken by men, it contains ginseng.
When used, no doctor’s supervision is required. Cooking and taking it simply: just enough Forte Love powder to dissolve in the liquid and get a drink – a female causative agent. The manufacturer offers several recommendations for admission, each of which affects a certain problem, for example, for women of age who are concerned about menopause, for the development of female hormones, its “schedule” of use is described.

Doctors opinion

Doctors opinion Forte Love
V. Vůčka - psychoterapeut, specialista v oboru sexuologie a sexopatologie.
Forte Love je skvělý přípravek, výrazně zvyšuje sexuální vzrušení a stimuluje sexuální aktivitu ženy. Doporučuji ho všem svým pacientkám, které trpí poruchou sexuální funkce a slábnoucím sexuálním libidem. Kromě toho, vždycky ho předepisuji rodinným párům, u nichž sexuální problémy jsou spojeny s pohlavní chladností partnerky.


Ingredients for the preparation of an exciting drink for women Forte Love natural. And if you believe the manufacturers, and everything that they write on packages, Forte Love consists of: lactose derived from whey; an extract of green tea, with a high content of antioxidants (vitamin C), alkaloids, a complex of tannins and caffeine; L-arginine, the basic amino acid that is a part of peptides and proteins. As part of Forte Love promotes relaxation; caffeine (alkaloid), is a psychostimulant; extract of ginseng, in which there are many saponins, peptides, polysaccharides, vitamins, macro- and microelements, biologically active substances. This is a key component in Forte Love, because it has a biostimulating and tonic acting effect; sucralose - a high-quality sweetener;

Instructions for use

Dilute one sachet (its weight is 5 g) in half a glass of water. It should not be hot, but at room temperature. Stir and allow to dissolve (wait no more than 2 minutes). Drinking is not dependent on food intake. The color of the liquid after the dilution of the powder must be a yellowish color.


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