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What is it?

Fresh Fingers is an antimicrobial deodorant in the form of a spray that is designed to eliminate the unpleasant odor of the feet and intense sweating. This is an excellent tool for maintaining hygiene, especially in the summer. Also, the drug helps in the treatment of bacterial and fungal diseases of the feet.


The main components of the Fresh Fingers spray are climbazole and farnesol. The first component has an active effect on the fungus. Easily penetrates the structure of the skin, eliminating any damage to the fungal nature. Farnesol helps to eliminate unpleasant odors. In addition, the tool comprises: Vitamins. They have a positive effect on the skin. Contribute to the rapid healing of tissues. Soften the skin, eliminate the signs of peeling. Essential oil of mint. Helps cool the foot, remove discomfort, relieve itching. All components enhance each other's actions. The complex creates invisible protection, preventing the formation of cracks. The fungus does not have a chance to settle on the skin. Spray is effective in combating foot mycoses, nails of any etiology.

Instructions for use

Apply Fresh Fingers spray to dry and clean skin after hygiene procedures. Rub the compound twice a day until completely absorbed. After that, you can wear any comfortable shoes. The course of treatment is selected individually. It depends on the degree of damage, the peculiarities of the course of mycosis. The first results will be seen in a few days. Gradually, there will be discomfort. But with the first improvement, do not stop treatment. Only with full course exposure you will protect your feet from repeated fungal attack.


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