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What is it?

Anti-aging wrinkle cream “Goji cream” has an effect on the papillary layer of the dermis, thereby stimulating the production of fibers in the dermis, the epidermis renews. Accelerates the metabolic processes in tissues, thus smoothing out wrinkles and reducing their number. Fills the skin cells of hyaluronic acid and collagen, thereby giving firmness and elasticity. Noticeable results after the first week of use, and after two weeks the skin is visibly transformed.*


The rejuvenating effect is achieved through a balanced composition, which includes a number of healing components. Extract of Goji berries contains: 1.20 valuable amino acids are natural antioxidants, which work on the principle of sponges and absorb TRANS epidermal fluid, moisturizing the skin and allowing it to remain smooth and smooth structure; 2.vitamin C – it gives the cream its antioxidant properties (its in berry extract hundreds of times more than oranges); 3.vitamin E not only free radicals, but also maintains moisture balance, preventing dryness of the skin; 4.iron (its in Goji berries more than apples, in 15 times) to stimulate microcirculation, actively saturating the cells with oxygen; 5.Biotin in combination with lycopene reduces the level of cell damage due to harmful environmental factors, activates the production of collagen, giving the skin elasticity.

Instructions for use

For the desired effect of the drug is used 1 – 2 times a day. The methodology of its use is extremely simple. 1.First, you must clear the face from makeup and dirt. For this purpose, use a gel cleanser or toner. 2.A thin layer put the cream on all areas except the areas around the eyes, gently pierce it with your fingertips. Carried a light facial massage in the directions of minimum stretching of the skin. “Goji cream” has a light texture and delicate aroma, it is instantly absorbed, leaving no greasy film. The tool serves as a good base for makeup. The cream is useful for all skin types, no side effects and does not cause allergies.


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