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What is it?

Cream Inflamaya Gel – is an innovative tool whose action is aimed at eliminating the symptomatic picture of serious joint diseases, in which there are degenerative changes in the structure of cartilage and bone tissue. The preparation contains active biological substances that reduce pain and pathology. Produced by European pharmacists and it can be bought on request at the official website of the manufacturer.


The appearance of the medicine is a jar of 50 ml. The consistency of the substance resembles butter. It has a pleasant neutral smell. The preparation contains natural biological components. The active substance is an extract of the Altai maral, which is obtained from the animal's horns. For humanistic reasons, the release of the ointment is limited. This explains the lack of Inflamaya Gel cream in pharmacies. Buy it from the official representatives on the manufacturer's website. The extraction of raw materials for the preparation of the product is carried out once a year, during the breeding season of the Altai reindeer. In the process of obtaining horns, animals are not harmed by health. Also the structure includes: Chondroit is a substance that stimulates the production of hyaluronic acid. It is the basis for connective tissues and affects the state of the cartilage, the strength of the tendons and the functioning of the ligament apparatus. Chondroitin promotes joint regeneration and inhibits the inflammatory process. Glucosamine acts as an enhancer of the effect of the previous component. Prevents the destruction of joint tissues, feeds them with trace elements and minerals. 18 amino acids, including glycine aliphatic, glutamine, proline. Protein molecules or enzymes that contribute to the preservation of tissue elasticity. Complex of herbal components - extracts from herbs, essential oils.

Instructions for use

An important condition for achieving therapeutic effect when using Inflamaya Gel cream for joints is regularity and compliance with recommendations for use. Ointment is applied in a small amount on the palm and rubbed with massage movements in a sore spot: in the knee, elbow until completely absorbed. The drug can be used in the form of preventive measures and at times of exacerbation of the disease, by courses and individually. In case of prophylaxis, it is recommended that the affected areas be smeared twice a day for a month. Take a break for two months and repeat the therapy. When passing through medical measures and to relieve acute pain, use ointment three times a day. Therapy is a course and lasts 1,5-2 months. To make a true picture about the effectiveness of the medication, we recommend that you study real reviews and consult with your doctor.


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