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What is it?

Maxisize not only increases penis size but also enhances self-esteem. Many men with small penis size, agree to surgery to increase the size. Thanks to modern cream such necessity has disappeared, an innovative drug for a short time provides the desired result. It increases the libido, the orgasms become more powerful and bright. The cream does not cause side effects and allergic reactions, is not conducive to addictive, the effect remains forever.


In the recipe there are unique components: Collagen complex – restores suppleness and skin elasticity. Increases the sensitivity of the penis and blood filling the cavernous bodies. Hydrolyzed amino acids and proteins – stimulates cell division, activates metabolic processes at the cellular level. Increases the size of the penis. Triethanolamine – saturates tissue components. Activates the synthesis of building material. Prolongs the time of sexual intercourse, provides complete control over ejaculation. The enzymes in the composition of the drug, stimulate the stretching of the penile tissues, increase blood filling the cavernous bodies. the penis increases not only in length but also in volume. Constituent ingredients of the drug complex effect on the tissues of the penis. It gradually increases in size, the effect persists after discontinuation of use of the drug. This increases production of testosterone, increasing erection and sensitivity of the penis. The cream is designed for men who are dissatisfied with the size of his penis, thus eliminates the problems with erectile function, caused by stress situations, reduced libido, irregular sexual life.

Instructions for use

Cream Maxisize must be applied in small amounts to the penis in erection. Experts recommend carrying out a procedure 30 minutes prior to sexual contact. To prolonged result, the course requires the use. The cream is quickly absorbed after application to wash it is not necessary. The composition includes only natural ingredients, absolutely harmless to overall health. After 30 days of regular use the length of the penis increases of 30-50 mm, the resulting effect will continue until the end of days. Any restrictions on the use and contraindications are absent. Consultation with a specialist is not required. The unmatched benefits of the cream: Normalizes blood circulation in the pelvic organs. The effect is manifested immediately after applying the cream and lasts for 60 minutes. Partner is experiencing heightened excitement, the acute sensibility of the genital organs. Provides a bright, powerful orgasms. Allowed at the same time with a condom.


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