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Moleculica is a completely new and unique line of cosmetics with natural ingredients. It consists of a complex of masks and creams for day and night face skin care.

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Product name Moleculica
Official site
Country United Kingdom, USA, India
Storage conditions Keep it away from children
Availability on Amazon No
Availability in pharmacies No
Payment Cash-on-delivery
Delivery time 5-10 days
Availability In stock
Composition All-natural
Reviews Mostly positive

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Composition of the product

The Moleculica line of creams and masks uses only herbal ingredients, which are created using a special technology. Thanks to this, there is a rapid regeneration of skin cells, with a rejuvenating effect. Manufacturers have developed this skin care line together with the best foreign and Russian scientists. She has no contraindications and side effects. Moleculica contains the following components:
  • Retinol - promotes cell regeneration, as well as increases the natural production of collagen and elastin, which decreases over the years.
  • Shea butter - nourishes and moisturizes the skin.
  • Complex of collagen and hyaluronic acid - maintains water balance, as well as makes the skin more elastic and tightened, gives a glossy shine.
  • Peptide Complex - helps to smooth wrinkles by increasing the production of elastin.

Instructions for use

Before morning use, it is necessary to thoroughly cleanse the skin of the face, it is better to use warm water, distribute the day cream over the face, neck and décolleté. Wait until it is absorbed. The mask is applied 2-3 times a week for 15-20 minutes during the day. Before using it, it is advisable to cleanse the keratinized skin with a scrub, so you will increase the effectiveness of the mask. After removal, you can additionally apply a daily care cream. Evening procedures are performed according to the same algorithm, we cleanse the skin, apply a special night cream, wait for it to be absorbed. Full instructions for use can be found on the packaging of any Moleculica product.

How does it work?

Customers who have already used this cosmetics are simply delighted with it, as evidenced by numerous reviews on the forums. The Moleculica facial skin care line enhances the processes of cell renewal and, with constant use for 2 weeks, visibly lifts and shapes the oval of the face. Retinol and hyaluronic acid present in the composition, remove puffiness and dark circles under the eyes, relieve wrinkles, and shea butter relieves your skin from flaking and gives it shine. Moleculica is a natural complex of ingredients for daily care. It is easy to use, and is suitable not only for women, very often men also choose it.

Indications for use

Moleculica Rejuvenating Face Cream helps to get rid of all signs of aging in no time. The main advantage of the drug is that it penetrates deeply at the molecular level, therefore it literally affects all cells. The advantage of the cream is in its natural composition, so it can be used as a prophylactic agent. Moleculica is not a medicinal product, therefore it is allowed without a doctor's prescription. If wrinkles or other signs of aging appear, then Moleculica will save you from all the problems at the same time.


The main advantage of Moleculica is that it has no contraindications. The cream can be applied to women of all ages. The cream is nourished from the inside, and does not have a detrimental effect on health. The product is suitable for people not only of all ages, but also with all skin types.

Doctor review

There is no escape from aging, but I would not advise women to give up. Moleculica rejuvenating cream helps to get rid of even the most persistent and deep wrinkles. With regular use, the skin is smoothed and the appearance is 10 years younger. Loose tissue gradually becomes tighter. The skin becomes firm and elastic. Pigmented spots disappear and an even tone appears on the face. In addition, the cream has a moisturizing effect. The severity subsides from the eyelids, and the dark circles disappear. And most importantly, the skin develops natural immunity and begins to fight against negative effects. In addition, the skin begins to glow, which results in freshness.


"I have been using anti-aging creams for more than 20 years, so I have already learned to understand them. I liked Moleculica cream. The texture is soft and well applied. The dark circles are gone, it remains to wait for the wrinkles to go away."

"A colleague advised Moleculica cream and I am not disappointed. I don’t have deep wrinkles, but it does fine with small ones. In addition, the skin is smoother, smoother and more hydrated. The skin began to shine as if."

"Moleculica super cream. I bought it as a present for a friend. I have been choosing a product for a long time, and I chose this one, because it is suitable for any type of skin. The drug really works. The friend is very pleased, even the deepest wrinkles are smoothed out. In addition, the product copes well with the appearance of age spots."


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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is it available?

Moleculica is sold everywhere. It can be delivered to you wherever is convenient.

Can I buy it in pharmacy?

You can't buy it in pharmacies, it is available only on the official website

How long will delivery take?

It usually takes 4-7 days for delivery depending on the city you are in.

Where can I find the official Moleculica website??

You need to click on the button below and go to the official website where this product is available.

How to order Moleculica?

To order, you have to go to the official website, leave your phone number and your name there. The manager will call you back and confirm the order details

Is Moleculica a hoax?

No. We analyzed all information about Moleculica and found no evidence that this is a fraud.

Are there any negative reviews on Moleculica?

We haven't found any negative reviews from real customers on Moleculica


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