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What is it?

The NikoStop Antistress is an effective solution for those who want to quit smoking. Due to its naturalness, it will help you get rid of the bad habit completely without any consequences and without difficulty. Yes, of course, everyone keeps saying that it’s very difficult to quit smoking, and if you’ve tried it before, you know about it firsthand. However, with this tool it will not be a problem, and you can easily forget about cigarettes.


Vegetable saponins are substances with unique properties that are very successfully used to relieve the craving for smoking. The essence of the work of this tool lies in the properties of plant saponins. They are natural substances and are contained in extracts of different plants. For example, representatives of the family of buttercup (it's a crow, a basilist) and beans. They affect the receptors of those parts of the brain that interact with nicotine. Because of this, even smoking, you will not feel the former pleasure. Thus, you simply will not need to smoke, and your brain stops prompting you to do this, as it will cease to receive the pleasure hormone artificially. Some additional useful components compensate for the lack of tobacco and, as a result, remove the sensations of physical discomfort.

Instructions for use

Apply 15-20 drops of NikoStop Antistress 2-3 times a day; Additionally, apply 5-7 drops at an acute desire to smoke a cigarette; Dilute with the required amount of clean drinking water


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