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An excellent choice for the fight against the fungus will be Nomidol cream, the reviews are talked about its effectiveness. The drug is based on proven components and operates in several ways, which allows you to quickly get rid of existing problems and restore tissue.


Those who have already bought Nomidol, it is known that it consists entirely of natural substances. Izvestizovat ointment helps taiga residents of Siberia, which bring directly to the production of the following fresh, fragrant smelling herbs: Celandine. Means No. 1 to defeat the fungus. St. John's Wort. Of course, it can be bought and brewed separately, but it is very convenient when it is already in the composition of the drug. Melissa. Many grow on the vegetable garden, but in modern pharmaceutical preparations it is rarely used. This is another reason why you need to order Nomidol. Mother and stepmother. Created on the basis of natural ingredients, Nomidol also contains this effective herb. Tea mushroom. When was the last time you visited a drug store with this unusual fungus that was once in every family? The sequence. The cream from the fungus Nomidol contains this plant, helping to defeat an unpleasant disease. Horseradish. This vigorous, parasitic root is not found in any similar remedies.

Instructions for use

The use of an antifungal agent is very simple. It is enough to apply a small amount of Nomidol to pre-washed and dried covers, then rub it with light massaging movements. Use of the drug is permissible from 1 to 2 times a day, depending on the severity of the fungus. Even after the disappearance of the main symptoms of mycosis, treatment should continue. The full course is 4 weeks. Termination of the drug before the recommended time can lead to a recurrence of the fungal disease.


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