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What is it?

Normalife – an effective drug against hypertension, created on the basis of natural components. It helps to quickly get rid of this dangerous disease, which is confirmed by the results of laboratory studies.


Uniqueness of Normalife ─ its composition includes only natural ingredients. All raw materials are of biological origin. The content of chemical and synthetic components is excluded. Ingredients of the medicine Extract of chestnut ─ beneficially affects the state of the nervous system, neutralizes stress, cleanses the body. Royal jelly improves blood circulation, stabilizes blood sugar, splits blood clots, strengthens the walls of blood vessels. St. John's wort extract accelerates excretion of toxins, has a relaxing effect, eliminates insomnia, anxiety. Pantovy concentrate (extract) - restores the elasticity of blood vessels and capillaries, tones them, activates regenerative, as well as immunomodulating processes in the body. Ginkgo biloba extract ─ promotes weight loss, normalizes the metabolic process. Bioflavonoids of resin, as well as larch bark, activate metabolic processes directly in the cardiovascular system, improve the work of the heart, purify the vessels. Extract of white willow ─ promotes the purification of blood, stimulates the function of hematopoiesis, lowers the level of sugar. Each of these components, even separately, has a positive effect on the condition of a person suffering from hypertension. Due to the complex effect, when all components enhance the effect of each other, the remedy removes the cause of the disease and helps to heal completely.

Instructions for use

The course of treatment is 25 days. By appointment, the doctor can be extended up to 30 days. After taking a break, the course can be repeated. The agent is used daily, three times a day. Dosage ─ 10 drops of medication 20 minutes before meals. The minimum interval between receptions should be 5 hours. There are practically no contraindications to taking the drug.


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