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What is it?

It keeps the skin consistently stay healthy. It is recommended for optimum skin care. Psoriasis is a skin disorder that needs to be treated.

People who suffer from pain and dysplasia.

PsoriControl, the specialists in dermatology advocate the use of natural products. Do you have any problems with your skin?


PsoriControl, becoming a 100% natural solution, does not result in unwanted effects. You can remove psoriasis. You should use it in another way when buying this product: Wash the body region that you are affected by psoriasis. Once a day.

Instructions for use

Cocoa. It is a plant for millenary use. It is the antimicrobial properties of bacteria that cause infections. Cocoa contains natural substances that hydrate and regenerate the epidermis. Natural extract of walnut. Astringent ideal to reduce inflammation of the epidermis and to cure wounds. . It delivers a lot of psoriasis. It is an essential amino acid. Pumpkin character. It helps to penetrate the dermis nourishes. Pumpkin is a plant rich in vitamin C and zinc Green mint. Skin irritation and irritation.


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