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What is it?

Concealer nose Rhino-Correct is an alternative to a rhinoplasty with a small cosmetic nuances. The basis of its effect is the regular mechanical influence of moderate forces on the cartilage structure of the nose. It is effective, safe, does not require additional injection of drugs.


Made this device from orthogel. This is a special hypoallergenic material, which will not only cause allergies, but does not create discomfort, inconvenience. Lagetko easy to apply. It is worth noting that Rhino is Correct must be free of strong odors. The material should be solid, with no cracks or other damage. Buy Rhino-Correct the pharmacy will not work is exclusively online product. The reason is simple – it is designed for the shape correction of the nose. Accordingly, such a tool is not beneficial for the General population. And this is why plastic surgeons carefully concealed this method!

Instructions for use

The cartilages on the nose are very easily susceptible to Rhino-Correct, and in a month you can align the nose two millimeters. Already significant results can be obtained in a month of regular use of the equipment. You will get a perfectly smooth nose with a clear outline of the lines. If you have a nose for a natural form of "potato", using clips, you can fix this very efficiently and not to cause harm. Clip will help very fast and effectively fix the shape of the nose.


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