What is it?

SmooSkin – is a therapeutic serum based on an innovative formula aimed at short-term elimination of scars and striae. Its active ingredients, penetrating into the skin cells, immediately begin their action. They strengthen the connective tissue, smooth out and smooth the skin, return it to a healthy, radiant color.
In addition, studies have proven that SmooSkin successfully fights the effects of acne treatment and hyperpigmentation, smoothes out scars and stretch marks. This product can be used not only to eliminate existing aesthetic flaws, but also as a prophylactic, for example, during weight loss or pregnancy.

Drastic weight loss, pregnancy, lifestyle changes, surgery – all these and other factors lead to the fact that the skin of the body may appear aesthetic flaws, which spoil the appearance. Scars and stretch marks are the most common skin imperfections which require a special approach and the use of therapeutic means which help to return the skin to a healthy look in a short period of time.