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What is it?

Valgus Pro is a prosthesis, or rather an orthopedic fixator, a small insertion between the large and the other toes of the foot. On the outside, it closes the cone, does not allow it to bulge, fixes, and thereby keeps the joint in the right position, and inside the ring puts on the thumb and directs it straight. This “correct” forced fixation will not allow the cartilaginous tissue to grow anymore, and consequently, the beauty of the leg will be saved and bursitis is no longer terrible.


The fixator is made of medical silicone, the so-called orthogel, elastic, elastic material, safe for health. Valgus Pro fixator instantly adapts to the anatomy of the leg, becoming literally imperceptible on the foot, while gently and securely fixes the finger in the correct position. Gradually, the "bone" sets in and is no longer squashed by the shoes, which causes the pain to disappear when walking, inflammation, the shoes ceases to deform and lasts longer.

Instructions for use

To achieve a positive therapeutic effect, it is necessary to use a fixative for at least 6-10 hours a day. The first noticeable changes occur within 10-14 days. Use a fixator simply, like one-two-three: 1. Put on your toe 2. Press the retainer firmly against the skin surface 3. Put on your favorite shoes. Valgus Pro is invisible when worn with shoes with a closed toe, boots, sports shoes.


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