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What is it?

Cream varicose veins VaricoBooster helps tired for the whole day to legs. Quite a few grams and manifestations of venous disease: swollen vein, red stars from the capillaries, heavy legs and swelling disappears. The cream VaricoBooster has a prophylactic effect: stimulates blood circulation, refreshes tired muscles, soothes pain, nourishes and moisturizes the skin of the feet. Especially this tired footsteps of the fair sex at the end of the working day, they also wear high heels. Cream varicose veins VaricoBooster very effective in dealing with these problems, and the secret is in the newest technologies and natural (natural) cream.


Each group of components of the cream from varicose veins VaricoBooster gives a certain result. So, for example: Essential oil relieve dry and cracked heels, nourish and moisturize the skin, reduce perspiration, deodorize. Mugwort, chamomile, nettle, menthol accelerate the healing of wounds and cracks (often found on the skin of the feet), disinfect, refresh, thanks to this part of the feet will feel the ease and power. Honey, Ginkgo biloba and caffeine in the cream varicose veins VaricoBooster increase blood circulation (this is especially important for small vessels), renew cells and generally speed up the metabolism of the tissues, tone and nourish tired feet. Birch leaves and horse chestnut to help ease the pain and heaviness in the extremities, reduce swelling, disinfect and heal microdamages, the walls of blood vessels make elastic. Troxerutin reduces the swelling of the legs, reduces inflammation, eliminates capillary fragility, reduces the sensation of pain and heaviness.

Instructions for use

VaricoBooster should be applied regularly so its effect was visible and persistent results. For example, for the treatment of moderate varicose veins (of course it needs to be an individual) from one and a half to two weeks. Daily apply the cream on the affected area and rubbed in until completely absorbed. Someone enough this procedure once a day (e.g. at night), someone will have to do it 3 times. It all depends on the extent of the disease. And in 10-15 days will be gone or decrease the "stars" swollen veins, the skin will become more beautiful and hydrated.


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