Great Products for Diabetes

Diabetes is a condition in which blood glucose levels rise. There are several types of diseases. With diagnosis and proper treatment, some types of diabetes are curable, while others can be treated throughout life.

Types of diabetes

There are two types of diseases: type 1 diabetes and type 2 diabetes. Other types include:

Methods of treating diabetes

EMC offers diabetes care that involves physicians from various specialties in the care of the patient. After the diagnosis is made, the patient is referred for a consultation with a specialist: an endocrinologist. This is necessary because of the different rates of development of the disease and its complications.

Drug treatment

Treatment includes medical hypoglycemic therapy, which should be supervised by a doctor. Insulin is prescribed for type 2 diabetes when the resources of pancreatic beta cells are exhausted. This is a necessary measure to avoid various complications. In some cases, insulin therapy is prescribed temporarily and for a short time. Treatment of gestational diabetes consists mainly of adjusting the pregnant womans diet and lifestyle, as well as strict control of blood sugar levels. Pumps and modern methods for measuring blood glucose Insulin pumps can help you better control your diabetes. Pump therapy allows you to administer insulin in dosages and regimens that are as close as possible to the natural functioning of a healthy pancreas. Pumps allow you to reduce insulin doses, the number of injections and dosage steps. An insulin pump is a small device with a reservoir of insulin that is attached to a patients body. The drug is administered using painless pumps - insulin is delivered through a special microcatheter. Important in the treatment of diabetes is to teach people to independently calculate the level of glucose in the blood and the dose of insulin.This disease can be fought and with timely diagnosis, it can be completely cured. Otherwise, fight it with medication. Experienced specialists from all over the world can be involved in the treatment. There are also many reliable drugs for the treatment of this disease.