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What is it?

Choco Lite – a new delicious dietary product based on natural ingredients for people who are overweight. “Choco Lite” means complex, because apart from weight reduction, the body cleanses, skin care (acne and inflammation pass), getting rid of cellulite. Natural ingredients in the beverage for weight loss enhance the effect of each other, so the result is manifested quickly enough. The product is used at home, but there are certain rules for its use, preparations that you need to get acquainted with. The product passed clinical testing and received the appropriate certification confirmation, so that the manufacturer guarantees the effectiveness and 100% weight loss result.

Doctors opinion

Doctors opinion Choco Lite
Rosa Soldano - dietista
Realizzato con polvere di cacao certificate. La nostra polvere di cacao (biologica e non alcalinizzata) viene realizzata secondo standard molto alti. Il cacao “naturale” conserva livelli più alti di polifenoli, contiene betalaina (i pigmenti dai colori intensi degli antiossidanti) e altri fitonutrienti, compresi i nitrati naturali del cibo. Choco Lite sostituisce i pasti e fornisce una gamma più equilibrata di vitamine e sostanze nutritive dei normali alimenti.


Many of the natural ingredients of this product are also used in other dietary supplements to eliminate excess weight. But in Choco Lite they are chosen in such a way that they can easily strengthen each other and achieve greater efficiency. For example, for a course of 2 weeks you can get rid of 5 kg and even a little younger. Goji berries. Often used as a separate product, and in a complex. It burns fat cells well, does not allow incoming "fresh lots" with food to be postponed. Green coffee (grains). Tone, energize, invigorate. Have the ability to suppress appetite. Seeds of Chia. Another natural product that charges energy without high-calorie food. Can serve as a blocker of fatty deposits. Berries of Asai. It is a natural source of antioxidants. Contained in berries cyanidine does not allow fat cells to develop. Cocoa natural. Gives a pleasant aroma and taste. But this is not the whole of his function in Choco Lite: it suppresses the desire to eat sweet, serves as a source of dopamine (a hormone of happiness), accelerates the oxidation of fats, it is very important to maintain immunity during diets and cocoa copes with it perfectly. Mushroom Lingzhi (extract). This exotic fungus can reduce cholesterol, normalizes fat metabolism and generally improves the activity of the whole organism.

Instructions for use

The package contains instructions on how to lose weight properly. If you follow it and do everything according to the rules, your extra ones, for example 10 kilograms, will leave your figure irrevocably and safely in a month. With Choco Lite for a month you can adjust digestion, fill with health, adjust the figure, become younger. Although, if you listen to positive feedback, the changes will be felt as early as 4 days of taking the slimming remedy. So… 1. Brew 2 teaspoons of Choco Lite slimming powder in a cup in boiled water (250 ml). 2. Drink after eating in the morning.


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