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OneTwoSlim is a concentrated herbal remedy in the form of drops for ingestion in order to get rid of excess kilograms and body volumes, in other words, lose weight. Manufacturers advertise drops as a highly effective innovative complex that takes into account the biorhythms of activity. OneTwoSlim stimulates digestive processes, blocks the feeling of hunger, splits fat, removes toxins. The working formula of the slimming agent contains at least eight components of plant origin, known for their properties necessary for processes that correct body weight and generally for human health. The agent for weight loss goes in two bubbles – one for reception in the afternoon, and the second – at night.

Doctors opinion

Doctors opinion OneTwoSlim
Jonas Petraitis - Facharzt für Ernährungswissenschaft
We have performed a number of clinical trials and found that OneTwoSlim is safe for stomach, digestive system and overall health. With this preparation you can easily and safely get rid of the excesses of fat in the area of the belly and hip.


Rosehip May - contains vitamins: C, B1, B2, K, R, PP, fiber, has an antioxidant effect, stabilizes carbohydrate metabolism, lowers cholesterol. Immortelle sandy - stimulates digestion, accelerates the breakdown of fat, reduces appetite, normalizes metabolism, has antibacterial properties, normalizes the production of gastric juice. Peppermint - stimulates the work of the gastrointestinal tract, has a tonic effect, is the prevention of cancer. Birch - has a mild diuretic effect, removes metabolic products from the body, eliminates general weakness. Laminaria - saturates the body with iodine, improves the functioning of the thyroid gland. Horsetail - eliminates puffiness, suppresses cravings for sweet food, strengthens immunity. Cassia ostroplistnaya - has a mild laxative effect, it produces an effective detoxification of the body.

Instructions for use

Concentrated funds are very convenient to use: they require a small amount (economical), if you do not like the taste of the liquid, then there is no need to force yourself and drink a large amount at once, because of the small package it is convenient to take with you. Drops for weight loss OneTwoSlim is the concentrated drink that you just need to drip into the liquid that you are used to eating. In the instructions for using a concentrated drink OneTwoSlim, the manufacturer describes the following procedure: OneTwoSlim Day is designed for morning use. In half a glass of pure water or a soft drink, 30-35 drops of concentrate for weight loss are bred. Stir and drink. The action will last all day. At night, in the evening for an hour or two before bedtime, take OneTwoSlim Night. Also, 30-35 drops drip yourself into half a cup of water and use it. The action will last all night.


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